Slow down during this busy holiday season

So it's the weekend before Christmas. For those of you who celebrate this day it could be one crazy ass weekend.

My desire for all of us is to slow down.

To choose one thing to do

It could be wrapping a present. Walking through a store. Baking cookies. Taking a long bath. Commit to slowing down. Commit to feeling the sensations in your body. In noticing the things around you. Commit to smelling the air. To walking more slowly to your car, to the subway. and see how it feels in your body to slow down. And feel your hips lead the way. Feel them loosen and sway. hmmm, so good.

Slow it down. One thing. Slowly.

It's hard to be connected to our wild when we are frenetically moving through the world

it's hard to take in all that our body is guiding us to if we are going too fast to listen and notice.

So notice if your shoulders are clenched, your belly clenched. Notice if your breathing is shallow. If all the energy is up in your head, and ground it down. Take a deep breath.

Slow down and take in the magic of the holidays. Love. Peace. Your favorite holiday song if you have one.

Slow down and create from this place.

and enjoy enjoy enjoy.