My soul and my sacred rebel are aligned

Last night after my Qoya Rebel class I spent some time just appreciating my essence and that I no longer feel the need to claim I'm a sacred rebel or put any energy into that at all. Wow.My soul and my sacred rebel are aligned. No forcing, No needing to fit into a box, Not needing to be angry. To try and make anyone else understand. Forgiveness. Softness. Delight. Living. Being. AHHHHH.

so much space and possibility.

And then my phone rings and I get a call from a "your opinion matters to us regarding product purchasing" research firm. For some reason after saying no to this call 4 times the past week i say yes. And they ask me question after question and each time give me a list of options to say yes to.

My yes is in none of the options they offer. My truth is no where to be found in their boxes.

My belief about my race, my religion, my appreciation of sports, my belief in the economy, my politics. No where. For the list of religions. I say Goddess/Mother Earth. The woman is flumoxed. Single, Single living with a Partner, Married, Divorced. I want to say Single, Multiple Lovers (which while not an option and not the truth, totally should be). I start giggling. More and more I start giggling. And when we are done. I am so delighted that I don't fit into any of these boxes laid forth for me. That with giggles and delight I have stepped outside of these boxes to come back to my true essence. And now even more so. Another layer of forcing, of trying to fit into some box, even the Rebel box, is gone.

I check the box for Being and that feels divine, luscious, easy and so damn welcome.