One of the most delicious ways to get back to your wild heart are love capers!

These joyful acts of love connect you to the way YOU are love in the world. This is important, because during times of personal transformation, love is the key ingredient -- giving and receiving.

Notice how many love capers are already in your life.  It's all about the lens you walk through the world with- why not wear some rocking gold glitter love glasses!!! The smile a stranger offers you, the person who didn’t run the stop sign and hit you, the friend who texted when you needed a little love. Share the love, create more love in the world!

We need it.

Joyful acts of love!

Leave a trail of Hershey Kisses on the stairs of your friends house

Blow a kiss to someone who flips you off in traffic

Buy a cookie/coffee/tea/water for the person behind you in line

Get your friends bike fixed and leave it with a red ribbon in their living room

Make your co-workers favorite treat and leave it on their desk

Bring balloons to your neighbors house and tie them on the front door

Buy an extra pint of raspberries and give them to a stranger

Write a letter of gratitude in pink ink and send it with confetti inside