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At around 5 I started controlling my emotions and disconnecting from my wild heart.  I was groomed and adapted to be a good girl and took on way too much responsibility.  It would take me 30 years to understand how much of my true nature I shoved aside: my empathy, my sensing nature, my feelings, and my intuition. I escaped with lots of Days of our Lives, Pride and Prejudice (all versions), over eating, a fake smile, hiding and silence. Iā€™d adapted to survive in our culture: doing, producing, linear thinking, and my brain was constantly in analysis and judgment mode. I would become more and more cut off from my body, my essence and my feminine way of being.

I was disconnected from my truth, my wild heart and it was painful.  I was under earning, overeating, listless, sad, and full of so many dreams and yearnings with no capacity to create them since I was exhausted, ill and afraid.  My own resistance to who I was and my attachment to fitting in caused me more pain than I can convey.  It would take illnesses, divorce, and lots of divine influence to get me home.

As I started surrendering to my truth and finally felt all those shoved down feelings I came home, bit by bit.  I started dancing again, traveling with no itinerary, meandering in nature, sharing my feelings, using my voice, staying in to have some quiet time, skipping down the street.  Life became easier because I welcomed in more of the gorgeous messiness of it all!!  And now my life is full of magic, play, spaciousness, ease, grace, connection, joy and love because I learned to love, value and trust my wise, wild heart.

The journey to now was crazy, painful, emotional, scary, exhilarating, and hard. I wish I'd felt emotions sooner, been more honest and vulnerable with myself and others, understood I wasn't wrong, had more people to talk with, more hugs, more support, more love. I wish I had given myself a break and been more loving to myself. So that's what this website is. My gift to you. You brave woman who is saying yes to heading home. Who is stepping out of what she was taught, to come back to her truth.

I want to share with you what I've learned, offer up things that spark a hidden truth within you, remind you of how amazing, beautiful, and powerful you are, introduce you to other women who are also transforming so you can support one another. So together we can laugh, cry, share, play, get messy, lose control, expand, twirl, get out of our heads into our hearts and be so much more gentle with our good selves. 

Swimming in waterfalls, dancing at sunset and savoring life get to be part of it too. Check out Pleasure RX for more support and goodness!