Goodbye (for now) NY

When you start the day with setting your hair on fire you know its going to be interesting!

Today I left NYC for a few days in Palm Springs with Mom and Dad and then flying to Argentina on Christmas Day. I was packing up my hotel room, which was so lovely and good and kind to me. Lit my morning ritual candle and then went about packing up. leaned over to open a drawer, hear a little sizzle, smell a little burning lift my head, pop up and

in the reflection of the tv I see my hair on fire!!!

I patted it out with my hand, flew to the bathroom sink to put out any remaining flames and then conditioned my hair while continuing to pack and be guided on what to leave in NYC and what to take with for this next leg of my adventure.

I hugged hotel staff members goodbye, handing out more Theo's chocolate bars and bringing some with me, which were given to a subway work crew and a friend I met up at the Holiday Market at Central Park. I got to the market and was starving so my friend and I enjoyed sharing tater tots with bonito flakes and aioli, a bratwurst with sauerkraut, and 3 different types of tacos (think lemongrass chicken) So good. so Fun. I did some quick holiday shopping loving supporting smaller businesses, and my favorite a shelter for domestic violence victims who make ornaments/kids toys to learn a trade. They were beautiful and it felt awesome to support them and other craftspeople brave enough to follow their dreams and create rose water sprays, vegan chocolates, jewelry, a hat that has 40 different ways to wear it, some fabulously tacky ornaments too and a woman who makes art out of chopsticks. Awesome.

Make it to JFK with a hour and 15 minutes to spare and the security line is wrapped twice around the check in a large terminal. By the time I went through it was wrapped around 3 times...needless to say there was stress. tempers were flaring, and these are the moments I know to get in my body, to get in my heart, to send love, to be loving, to use this energy of mine to help alchemize tension and create more love. I danced through the TSA contraption and received a thanks from a worker, offered to save a spot in line for a young man who had just finished finals at Wharton and in reading the Brothers Karamazov for a paper, had done the same security loop line twice, I heard a man yelling at a check in agent and sent love, I joked with a couple where the wife was stressed and told them I was sending them magic to make their flight. I met Dan in line for my flight and he gave me a list of amazing things to do in Buenos Aires. I spoke with my seat mate for hours about her travels, holidays, adjusting back to states after travel.

And then our flight is an hour late and so many of us missed connections. I've learned these are the best moments to surrender, to trust the universe has other plans for me. So I follow my guidance, I ask to be of service. I do a few love capers. I help alchemize some folks who were being rude to Teri, the lovely luggage person helping us out by placing my attention and love on them without engaging in their negativity. I ask them of their travel plans and speak of joy, of beauty of where they are going.

And then knowing my work is done, feeling myself getting tired I receive a lovely thank you from Teri who is going to take care of my luggage which hadn't shown up after an hour and head out to get the shuttle where I meet a fascinating, kind man who is a director and cinematographer. He was just working on a documentary about Rhino poaching in South Africa. We share travels stories having both spend time in and loving Zion. He is shooting in Salt Lake and I mention fun adventures in the grand canyon and Sedona. We talk of being nomads, of the beauty of nature, of adventures done and desired adventures. We talk of hiking together someday, not sure if will happen but feeling as if in this moment I've met a kindred spirit that helped rekindle my flame after a bumpy week in NYC. a reminder that nature heals and captivates, that sleeping under the stars is its own brand of personal magic, that my soul and body are longing for that after months away. He reminds me of the magic of travel, of surrender, of being in flow: be it NYC, South Africa, hiking the narrows in Zion. And I needed his medicine.

So thank you universe for a day of so many contrasts. Of fire. Delicious food. Beauty. Laughter. Hugs. Sisterhood. Safe travels. Giving and receiving. Holiday Carols. Sunshine. Shared stories. Dried Mango. Being told by one of the hotel staff/new friend that I will always be in NY because I will be in his heart. Feeling like there is another place to call home. Adundance. Love Capers. Chocolate samples. Tater Tots with bonito flakes and aioli at the taco stand. toothpaste and toothbrush. Water. Being curled up in a bed at the Doubletree in Tempe to sleep before catching my flight tomorrow morning.

Here's to magic. Here's to flow. Here's to peace on earth and good will towards each other.