Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I woke up this morning understanding that it is in every moment I create my life. That I can choose to express, embrace my wild. That it is in these small moments of choosing to dance, to hug, to caress an arm when my body wants to reach out, when savoring a bite of pan dulce, when I take time to stretch and get in my body in the morning rather than rush, that I am truly creating my life. Moment by moment. Choice by choice.

Power. Creation. Possibility.

Am I brave enough to do what my body and heart guides me to?
Am I trusting enough to know that this is my very purpose?

To have this instinct, this guidance and to act on it.

That this is how my contribution looks in bringing more love and communion and harmony in the world. 
Creating more wild, more play, more love everyday regardless of where I am. 
Can I surrender to the divine and trust so completely? 
Can I believe my body is the very expression of the divine within me?

It's a work in progress but what I am understanding is that every time I don't, I not only create mistrust, more doubt within my system

I am not creating the very thing I am here to create, for myself and others.

I, and we, miss out on magic, romance, play, sex. I miss out on creating more joy in the world when I hesitate and adapt to what I was told or saw was 'correct.' I am so tired of this. Of hesitation. Of doubt. Of disapproval. Because when I DO reach out and caress, when I do tell a group of men wearing tuxedo's they are women's porn I see them all delight in this and one comes over and asks me to make out. Because when I dance on the mountaintop, savor chocolate, go skinny dipping, love my body, my wrinkles I am creating more love for myself and others. Oh, and it's fun. It's communion. It's enjoying what is here in front of me and alchemizing it into something even better.

There are still moments of hesitation. Moments when I don't go out on the balcony and say "Italian man help me out with my luggage" and then kiss him when he walks in the room. When I judge how much pan dulce I ate for new years, or didn't tell someone they have beautiful eyes, when I don't go to the Scottish Highlands to embrace my wild. I am lowering my vibe and others. I'm keeping myself separate from the divine and others. I'm contributing to judgment, separation.

And that is so not what I want or am here to do. I'm here to live with my wild heart and my wild body guiding the way. And to have my awesome brain back it up. not vice versa.

So this year, I desire to let my wild guide me, to trust it so completely, to delight in it, to roll around with it with such ease. to be proud of it, to create with it, and to see what I create in the world. Whether it's my burning man kissing booth moved to a balcony in Bariloche, Argentina. Whether it's dancing on a rock on New Years, hugging strangers, offering chocolate to subway workers, I desire to trust that it is these very small moments I am guided to that make up a life of love, of my truth. That this is my role in this grand orchestra of folks bringing more love to the world.

May this be a year where we all trust our wild more, where we release domestication and adaptation and show up in the world only in the way that we can: it could be as a parent, an employee, a boss, a scientist, driving a car, buying groceries. Every moment is a moment to create more truth and love. May we show up with our emotions on our sleeves, our hearts guiding the way- in harmony with our awesome brains, trusting our bodies guidance on where to go, what to eat, who to spend time with. Regardless of where we are in the world or what our day to day looks like, I believe its living our wild truth that creates more love and I really believe we could use so much more wild love in the world.

May your year be full of all that you desire: to experience and create. Wishing you so much love, sending you a giant hip circle of love from atop a rocking in Patagonia.