Crazy universe magic

Today's crazy universe magic? Stick with me, there is a bit of a backstory...

Some of you might remember that 6 weeks ago I was walking down a street thinking about how to make the releasing of most of my furniture pleasurable and I bent down to pick up some litter (which i love to do) and it was a business card for a man who does just that. He helped me (which led to him helping another friend re-furbish her table...more magic) Anyway, on Saturday I asked my friend Sara to come over thinking we would be moving the few boxes I have into a nearby storage unit that day. Most of the boxes were pretty heavy since they were full of photos and grandma's china and I desired this process to be pleasurable which meant not lugging those bad boys myself.

Now, there is a key thing I might have forgotten to mention in this journey of mine. Which is that over the last few years I've been learning to tune into my bodies guidance rather than my brains. My brain would have had me rent a 5 x15 storage unit 6 weeks ago, that would have been sitting empty or full of stuff that didn't really spark joy. And on Saturday it would have had Sara and I lugging those boxes upstairs and into a nearby 5x5 storage unit. On Saturday, I tuned into my body (i ask it a question and if it constricts its a no, if it relaxes and is open and I can feel the energy move through my body to the ground- its a yes) and I'm learning to fine tune that. So I check in and i get a move the boxes out of your kitchen nook back into the storage unit at your apartment, my mind is like WTF? that doesn't make sense but through learning the hard way and I mean the hard way I've learned to trust and listen to my body. So we put the boxes in the back and we get to have a really beautiful 30 minutes catch up session instead with a few sips of fine whiskey, which felt magical and soulful. And later I realize it's Jack who can help me move these boxes to storage.

And the next day I realize my boxes want to move too. Those items are ready to leave Seattle and I desire to have a friend have access while I'm gone and she lives on the eastside of seattle, so i think great, Bellevue and i look at a few places- all outdoors and my body constricts. I text Jack on Monday- we are set up for Tuesday afternoon at 2:3- (because my body tells me this time).
And as I am meditating on this I start thinking, what do i want for these boxes of my most precious items, that I have so lovingly kept? I don't want them to be open to the outside. i'd like them to be in a lovely inside unit, something new. Something that feels good, spacious. So I set this intention, during meditation, Issaquah comes up. A town a bit farther east. Tuesday at noon, I click on the storage unit places in Issaquah- click on one that feels good and boom. Brand new, climate controlled, indoors...perfect. We are set!

So Jack brings a helper, Steven who is just lovely. I found out he just moved here from Alabama in July. We chat a little "Roll Tide!!!". I take off first for the Issaquah storage unit to start the paperwork and there a lovely woman greets me and we are laughing and getting to know one another while I am initialing here, signing there, etc. 20 years ago she lived on the very street I am moving from (which BTW yesterday was the 6th anniversary of me moving in) She gets a phone call from her brother which I encourage her to take. And I can tell she is talking about directions to this place and we realize her brother is the Roll Tide Steven that is helping me move!!! !!??!!!! WHAT??? SHUT THE HELL UP!! Yes, her brother is the lovely man who just moved from Alabama, who is helping me move, because 6 weeks ago I picked up litter off a street and called the name on the card and then stored my things in Issaquah. LOVE.

We talk about Southern thanksgivings, biscuits and as the night comes to end I hug them both goodbye, wishing them well with an invitation to join them for said biscuits if I'm still in town. This is the magic that keeps happening as I completely surrender and trust my body to guide me.

Thank you Universe. I love laughter, connection, ease, and living wild open hearted life while allowing the universe to works it's magic. Because I couldn't come up with this stuff. xoxox May your day be full of magic and wild hearted living.