Rebuilding Trust with our Bodies through tidying up.

Yesterday morning I read the last 20 pages of 'The Life Altering magic of tidying up" and it moved me. Because it talks about how for the author, and so many of us, we made choices throughout our lives that violated our trust with ourselves, our soul, our body. We violated it, betray it, dishonored it when we bought that sweater that our body said- "oh sister, we know purple is in but it is NOT your color..." We dishonored it when we said no to a date we wanted to say yes to or vice-a-versa. When we sat down at that table at the restaurant with the sticky floor and our shoulders were tense. When we married the person guided us not to, bought the house, went to Cozumel instead of staying many examples of our bodies guiding us and us pushing its wisdom and support awhile. Broken Trust. 

So as we go through this process of tidying up we learn to rebuild trust with ourselves, our bodies. Because this entire process is based on touching items and seeing if it sparks joy. That is it. And yet it is profound because you come to trust your response. I came to rebuild trust with myself that I can honor what brings me joy and release what doesn't. That I can release friendships, clothes, shoes, housewares, artwork. Things that make sense to keep, "Do you know what I paid for that???" Things I never used that, maybe if I keep it longer or move it one more time I will. Each one of these is an energetic buzz kill to our bodies. Our bodies want joy for us and we choose to surround it with less than that. It creates a breach of trust with your body. With your energy system. If you release all the things that don't bring you joy, you raise your vibration. If you adorn yourself in clothes, jewelry, shoes that spark joy, you raise your vibration. Your closet might be much less full but you cherish what you have. You are saying to the universe, no more settling, I reclaim my right to be in joy and love. To feel alive, vital.

And after touching thousands of items, communication with your body is re-established. As is trust. There is a new commitment. I commit to my body. i commit to my body being my guide. To knowing who feels good, what feels good, when to make that waxing appointment, to show me the way in the grocery store (rather than a diet book, your body will tell you what it desires). I commit to my body choosing dates, to staying, to leaving, to participating. I commit and honor that my body is wiser than my ego. Than my trained brain. 

If it's all energy, which I believe it is. Our body is constantly giving us information to use. So let's learn to listen. And so while I have spent so much time focused on what to keep, what to put in storage, what to take with me on this adventure. The greatest, strongest, most powerful thing I am bringing is my body. I can buy waterproof pants, a new book, a lipgloss I forgot to pack.  I can't replace my bodies wisdom. And so this tidying up process is such a powerful opportunity to rebuild trust with our wise selves.  To stand for joy. To know we can create joy simply by checking in with our bodies. Know your spark. Play with it. Take it with you on a walking date around your town. At the farmers market. 

Imagine that joy in the world.

more on this tomorrow...for today, enjoy getting to know your spark...

This Pound necklace and fun top sparked joy!

This Pound necklace and fun top sparked joy!