Dahlias and my heart

I want to write. there is so much to write. and I am exhausted. what a day. I walked in the rain to Volunteer Park this morning and hung out with the Dahlia's for awhile. My heart feeling tender. And I thought about us humans and our hearts, and I thought about the Dahlia's. And the people who nourish and nuture these stunning flowers so we all get to enjoy them. The love that is lavished on these beauties so every year they blossom and we come to take in their beauty. What if we did this for ourselves? For one another? What if we saw ourselves as worthy of the care and tenderness and attention it takes to grow these dahlias year after year. What nourishment and kindness would we shower each other with? They are all so regal and stunning. Each one different, with its own consciousness, different messages to bring us. To be joyful. To be regal. To expect to be taken care and nourished. That for them it is just what they have come to know. Tears that my heart is being taken care of in the same way, just in a very different way than I expected. Here's to surrender, receiving, the beauty in it all, forgiveness, tenderness and vulnerability.

Like I said. It was a tender hearted day.