"Where there is kindness, there is magic."

Yesterday my heart was very tender. i was doing some deep healing work with a younger part of myself that needed love and healing. Needed permission to have this big wild heart. To love. To reclaim this vastness of love she had. That she closed down. I was guided to watch the new Cinderella movie (i love how the universe picks a movie perfect for the age/themes I am healing up). And as the movie starts and it's talk of the power of kindness. The POWER. the magic that is part of kindness. I am in tears. This part of me that needed this type of hug today. To have this part of me valued, loved and desired. And I love that this is the theme of this movie. It's her heart. Her kindness is her magic. Is her power. It's how she creates beauty in her life and in others. Her passion for nature, for animals. How she keeps showing up in love. How she speaks her heart and that is what is so alluring about her. Her expressing her divinity and truth. And it brought great judgment against her from her Stepmother who had her own issues to work out. And derision from her step-sisters who didn't particularly appreciate kindness and love but preferred parasols and lace and tearing each other down.

"Would who she was, who she really was be enough, there was no magic to help her this time. This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take. To be seen as we truly are."

It is enough. We are enough. The gifts of our powerful hearts. Our tenderness, our kindness is so needed in the world. And more and more people are coming to appreciate it, desire it and want it for themselves.

Other quotes that hit my tender 16 year-old heart. 'Have courage and be kind' 'They treat me as well as they are able,' 'just because it's done, doesn’t mean it what's should be done." And so understanding creating your own world with the mice, the geese upstairs in your magical attic, singing your song because that makes more sense than the world below. So thank you universe for guiding me to this movie. For helping heal up my 16 year-old heart so I can take this next step in reclaiming the vastness of my heart. The pride in this. My beauty. My power. My gifts.

And I love that during this moment of reclamation and healing, a friend called to tell me he thought I should pitch Love Capers as a tv show. That the world needs to see this type of unconditional love in action. And while I don't know about tv I do believe the world needs to see more joyful love, to experience it amongst family, friends, strangers. So yesterday felt like a day where the universe was saying to me- there is so much power in your heart Kim, go out and use it. Go be you in the world. Get out of the attic. Go sing your song. And I felt like my 16 year-old heard it and felt it and healed. So then I went to REI full of pride and delight in my next steps- to head out into the world as love. I bought new trekking shoes...for these feet need to be protected and cared for too while taking my precious wild heart out into the world to create magic and love.