Love those tears and fears

So this is how my life unfolded today. A slow morning of dance, meditation, sending out requests to friends for images and video for the reclaim your wild trailer I'm making (more on that soon) and then off for a much awaited catch-up lunch with a dear friend.

I'm at the restaurant waiting for my friend to show up. 
The waitress compliments me on my dress. I tell her how I packed it in September for a 4-week trip and still haven't been back home. I can see the emotions cross her face.
"How do you do that?" she asks. 
"I trust, surrender and have faith. It's been bumpy getting here, but it always works out."
she starts tearing up 
I take her hand and ask her to tell me her story. 
she does
I listen as she shares her desires, her fears and tears
Every time she comes back, we dive into another layer.
more desires. more fears. 
we exchange numbers
this is how the universe works. 
trust. surrender. faith. desires.
bringing people together to help one another, to see one another. 

What's coming up for you right now? March is a powerful month to welcome in more self-love. It's the final few weeks of winter, keep going inward and mining those inner planes for your true desires, see what fears emerge. This is just a chance to move through old energy. Spring is near and all those seeds you've been planting are getting ready to start blossoming. Shining more love on yourself, your true desires and the old gunk that needs some sweetness and light is the magic elixir.