Setting yourself free

The other day I met up with a dear friend for lunch who was desiring some support around her stuckness with men. Feeling like her teenager was running the show, that a lot of old beliefs and unfelt emotions were keeping her in a place that didn't feel like who she really was.  We chatted and then later I sent her this email and I share it with you now because I realize there are places where we all feel stuck. Those crevices and boulders within us that are looking for love to be shined on them so they can be set free. So let the sun shine and come back to your wild self.

Hello dear

I've been thinking of you today and I wanted to share more from my heart.

That you desire more support and hugs

That you desire to be brave, true and more free spirited and yet feel tied to something, something heavy, an anchor that part of you feels will keep you safe and yet it isn’t the anchor you need anymore. It isn’t an anchor that serves your highest good. You want to be wild, free and safe and you get to be. You get to own your sensuality, your sexuality and be safe. You get to have a lover and be safe. You get to be messy and be safe and loved. You get to own, inhabit, breathe and live every part of who you are and receive more than you imagined. You get to scream, rage and sob and not have to analyze. You just get to be in the moment and FEEL IT.

Feel every ounce of fear, every cell full of confusion, every molecule of disappointment of despair, disenfranchisement, disapproval. Every drop of juice that has been told it is wrong. You get to own it, celebrate it, inhabit it. You get to make it right. You get to move that old shitty ass patriarchal not-a-part of-your-perfect-essence through you. You get to let it all GO. Every bath, every breath, every step you are releasing the old, the bullshit, the pain, the confusion, the lies, the WEIGHT of it all.

Let it go.

Let the weight go. It is not yours to carry, it is an old story, centuries old, that is not yours. The old wants you to carry it, wants you to be weighted down by it, wants you to dim your light to it. IT IS NOT YOUR TRUTH. You are light. You are joy. You are free. You are radiant. You are orgasmic. This is who you are. This is your place, your knowing. And our overly developed patriarchal left brains and survival systems want us to stay small, to not change the status quo. They want our acquiesce, our energy. DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM.

Keep it for you.

For your precious sacred body and soul that is here for caresses, touch, movement, sex, communion. Our bodies are here for communion, not to control, judge or shame. So write and release, let it all go.  Let your body relax into her truth,  her vibrancy. Release her from the patriarchy.  From the metal chains that have bound her too long, that at times she believes are truth and yet something underneath, something wise and sacred and STRONG, knows this is not her truth.

Knows there is SO MUCH MORE awaiting her.

So write, dance, rage, scream, sob, giggle... let every muscle have its moment, every organ, muscle, cell release all it's been holding on. Let every tear fall, every emotion be revealed to the world. Write it, writhe it. Bang it, pound it. Slam it. Revere it. Honor it. 

i am here to hold you, to witness you. I see you. i love you. I want every inch of you to be wild and free.