May we all rise for love

I wrote this in honor of One Billion Rising on February 14th...wasn't able to post it here at that time so posting now!

As women rise all over the world today, as men rise to stop the violence, to stop the hatred of women, of other. I send them love. I send us all love. 
May we rise and rise and remember. 
We are one
May we come home to the beauty of our hearts
violence begets violence
Love begets love. 
May we all rise
May this love I feel be sent throughout the world today and may those who need it receive it. 
May they remember they are not alone, that the divine is bringing them love in so many ways, May they open their hearts to something beyond chocolate, teddy bears, overpriced dinners and the cultural imposed shoulds of this day, in order to truly RECEIVE LOVE. To be LOVE.
The exact love they need that is here for them in this moment.
May we drop our armor, our shields.
May our hearts be open towards ourselves and one another. 
May nature unite us, may we unite for nature and bless it and honor it. 
May we remember we are one. 
May we honor the earth, mother earth who offers us love and nourishment in every moment. 
May we rise for her. 
May we rise so that we are all free to live wild hearted lives
For we are meant to be free. 
We are meant to be wild
We are meant to love and touch and commune in sacred ways
May we reclaim our birthright
Our truth
We are one
May we rise for love