Full Moon Magic at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

This was written on February 22nd, sharing now via the magic of faster internet. 

On this full moon I was guided to Iguazu Falls- a true powerhouse of nature. I spent the day walking near the waterfalls, through rainforests, being surrounded by butterflies. I spent the day trying to get myself to walk slow when my body wanted to zoom with all this energy. I spent the day trying to recapture the essence of lightness and love I felt with L, felt in nature before my food poisoning and 4 days in hotel. I came back, napped, took a shower, and felt that tomorrow it is time to leave Argentina. And so I go out on the patio, it is raining here and i start to cry with gratitude for my time in this magical land. 

I flew here on the full moon two months ago- watching it through my airplane window on my red eye. I spent the last full moon with L, in El Chalten, wrapped in his arms and sharing our love of the moon with one another as we looked at it through a telescope.

And this moon? Well, I am forever changed, I am softer, more open, I am more receptive. I have slowed down. I have danced on new mountaintops, slept by rivers, hugged trees, wept. I have fallen in love. I have been held, caressed, nuzzled. I have eaten more meat and bread than I can imagine, sipped Malbec, met people from all over the world, learned new words in spanish for tender, soft, wild. I have been gifted new music, new ideas. I have seen sunrises, sunsets, colors of water I never knew existed. 

I have felt loved here in a way I have never felt before. I have come to understand the beauty of my soulfulness, my play, my wild. I have felt soft here in a way I have dreamed of. And now I know there is something even better. Now I have called in more of who my man is, he is free to travel with me, this love can last longer than 7 days, I am ready for love with a man to permeate my life. To open myself up for more. To know there is more play, more love, more communion than I can imagine. And so while there is some grief, there is joy and hope too. 

Thank you Argentina, this land of such intense nature and rapturous beauty, of people who kiss each other hello, who take time every day to sip their mate'. Thank you Bariloche and the family I met there that welcomed me in. Thank you Isla Victoria for taking my phone and more. Thank you L for your life changing love. Thank you angels, guides, universe, love for bringing me here, for keeping me safe, for reminding me I am easy to love, I am worth loving. For expanding my sense of self and delight in who I am. For the gift of my freedom, the gift of traveling this world with love.

Thank you. Humbled. Grateful. More please.

3 hours later and I just went out and looked at the moon, the clouds have broken and there is a rainbow above it. Stop. It. 

Off to Santiago, Chile in the morning.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina