Creating with our Wild. The world needs us. We need us.

Hello Sisters
It's creation time! Can you feel it, that call we are hearing- to create what we are here to create, a baby, a cake that you share with neighbours as a way of introduction, setting up a hot cocoa stand to raise money for an art class you want to take, a danceathon to raise money for Standing Rock, making quilts for women receiving chemo so they are wrapped up in sisterhood and love, a movement, to share our wisdom, our truth and our wild hearts with the world? What is calling you right now? Is it writing, it is having friends over to circle together and watch a movie or read a book together, is it wanting to create a garden..

there are infinite possibilities for this moment. 

Let's use this moment of fire, of awakening to create the world we want to live.

Rather than reacting to the world around us and how it was presented to us.

We get to create our lives. That is the essence of reclaiming our wild. How do our days flow and feel- who is in them, how do we travel from one place to another, what is in our home (books, cleaning supplies, clothes) What new is calling to us, what needs to be released to create space for the new. Now is the time for alchemy, now is the time to let go, to unleash, to be so breathtakingly honest with yourself. WHAT DO YOU YEARN FOR? Those yearnings are so possible to be met, let's quit pushing them aside and instead use them to create. 

So today- connect to your yearning, your desires, your dreams ..perhaps you have felt them all along and they got buried in the day to day or a belief you couldn't receive them or create them/ I am here to hold space for and to be a mirror that you are worth having your yearning met. For love, community, sisterhood, hot pants, roller skates, a month in Hawaii...whatever the yearning is that comes from that deepest part of you- your wild essence.

Now is the time to connect to your wild and create. 

This is what this time is about- western women rising to change the world. No more reaction, no more adaptation. 

Create. Create. Create.