Sometimes you think one thing is going to happen, and then... Part 2

Sometimes you decide to shred 100 pounds of paper over the course of a few weeks. And because you love to shop local and appreciate beauty and ease you find a lovely little mail store near you that shreds. So as you start visiting this store and using it to mail love capers, you come to know the owner. Five weeks ago you tell him you're leaving and releasing possessions and how you are still trying to figure out about your car, Tess. And you keep coming back with more shredding and love capers long after you thought you would be gone.

And one day a man named Larry walks in to get his mail and mentions the number of condolence card he's still receiving since his wife died a month prior. And he tells you he's a bit lonely in his apartment and he doesn't have plans to move or change anything for a year. And then we talk travel and how he and his wife sailed around the world. And you feel him light up with the memory of this adventure. And you want to hug him and don't and still wish you did.

And one day, after setting the intention that this releasing of your car be done with ease, grace and magic and that Tess finds her way to a good home, you walk into this store and the man asks if you are selling your car and you say, I think I am. And he snaps a few photos, there is a brief conversation. A few days later you stop by and he takes it for a test drive. He tells his dog to stay at the shop and you say let the dog come. And you find out this dog is named Scout, from to Kill a Mockingbird. The very name you would have named your dog, your child, or your fish had you ever had one. And so Scout comes along and you feel Tess perk up. And you drive around town, you meet his son, you talk about life, cars, Scout, and pull back into the local mail store, agree on a price while sitting in the car, how the payment will happen and then you get out of the car and you hug. And you know this is how easy and rich life can be. This is community and magic and now Tess will go to a great home with an awesome dog named Scout.

Thank you Universe. Thank you for the life altering magic of tidying up.