Magic at the Apple Store...

I just had the most FUN! Was at the Apple store (amber blinking light issue not resolved but back-up is happening for those following my exciting adventures) and I am there 2 hours after i arrived because the back up issue took a long to troubleshoot and because it took me awhile to purchase a new phone. I decided to only transfer my contacts over- no apps, no texts etc. fresh start, fresh phone!!!! very exhilarating. I'm bonding with the people in the store, talking with Ed about his trip to Cambodia and telling him about one of my favorite trips- Nepal.

anywho- there I am wrapping up my delightful new phone set up and i hear someone say my name and it's my wonderful friend Daniel (who knew about my amber blinking light issue via Facebook) Danny and I were trip mates 8 years ago TO THE DAY! on an REI Adventures trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. And he had just told a story earlier in the day about the woman who, when we were all sick with Himalayan Dysentery, drank some tang while trekking and proceeded to vomit orange over the mountain with a sherpa holding on to her so she didn't fall to her death and then started skipping and walking with fresh enthusiasm post vomit. That woman was me! so fun to share sick stories, nepal stories, Danny offering me his music while I was in my tent on day 4 of being ill. So fun to be reminded of the joy of adventure and travel when a part of me is a bit freaked out about releasing my home base in Seattle.

So exciting to reminisce, remember the beauty and magic of Nepal. How that trip brought me into my body, heart and soul in a way I had never experienced. How it brought me in communion with nature, with spirit, with the power of the divine. How that trip forever changed me, how that trip, being sick especially taught me how powerful I was physically, mentally and emotionally and just how long I could keep up my good spirits and caring for others. It taught me the power and joy of strangers coming together with a common goal- to experience trekking in Nepal. we had helicopter evacuations, HAPE evacuations, vomiting, diarrhea and I wouldn't change a moment of it.

It renewed my sense of joy for what is next, the unknown. Being in my body more and more. Being in nature more and more. I am humbled, I am grateful for this chance to explore the world. And I am grateful the universe brought me Danny tonight to remind me that the worst moments make the best stories, that it won't be perfect but it will be divine, to surrender and just say yes to the destination and let the rest fall in to place, to get out of my mind and into my body, to be with good people, and to always always have oral rehydration salts and music nearby.

Thanks Universe. Thanks Danny. Thanks Apple Store for an awesome Friday night.