All of me

I'm challenged by how to bring all these pieces of me to one place. I have Love Caper pages/groups/website, I have a Reclaim your Wild secret group so woman can share more in a safe place and the RYW website and me here on Facebook and Whew. Throw in the occasional instragram photo and several unused Twitter accounts it all feels a bit fragmented. Not to mention the FB groups I belong to. I desire to show up as me in one place and share all of it. In human form and in my sharing. The wild, the love, the photos, the dark, the light. I desire to talk about turn-on, emotions, reclamation, joyful love, silly moments. I desire some clarity, words to flow with power, confidence and to trust these words, this journey is of service. That they will be read by those who need them and in writing them they help me become more centered, focused and grounded in my being.

Here's to change.

Here's to loving NYC and feeling so blessed to being in this city that turns me on, light me up and feels like endless opportunities for magic. And there is magic available every where, I so get that. i am just in need of this particular brand of magic right now. Grateful. Excited. Doing my best to surrender. To create the love I desire. The romance, passion. To follow up with the man in the elevator who felt like a kindred spirit. To say yes to more and more of the abundance that is here for me. To release attachment to what that looks like and focus on the feeling. and to 100% own that I desire it involve men and then to release that too. These are the musings of a woman in delightful transition. In creation mode. With an openness to be in tropical paradise with my man for the new year. Or hiking Machu Picchu, making our way to Patagonia. Here is to the belief that that or something even better is coming my way as I own my true appetite for life, for adventure, for embodied living.

Here's to thriving. Here's to letting go. Here's to the mystery of it all. Here's to gluten free peanut butter fudge cupcakes, high heels that make me feel like a goddess and were so fun to try on, for literal signs of love, worth, of magic, of alchemy and mysticism, for the moon, for NYC libraries that feel like an old castle, for street performers, for St Patricks Church, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, pillows that make me swoon, witchy bottles...Here's to everyday magic.