Today's magic brought by the Universe

Today's magic brought to me by the universe: 

Last Saturday my friend Kathy stopped by to pick up my mattress for her guest bedroom. Just the mattress. Her boyfriend gave me a tip for a mechanic after Subaru said I would need to replace my tachometer cluster when my intuition told me it just needed a cleaning after burning man (which was correct!)
Monday I go to mechanic up on Phinney. I walk about 20 blocks to meet my friend Beth for a meet up so I can move my body, on the way i am thinking about today (when my friend is going to pick up a bunch of stuff) how to get this heavy walnut desk out, how to move all the boxes from my apt storage unit and how to get help/make it pleasurable. And I look down and there is a business card on the ground, I step over it, pause and pick it up. A handyman card who does furniture repair and garage clean outs. DONE. 

So Jack shows up today to help Shannon gather her goodies- turns out he's a pro mover. My friend stops by to pick up some remote controls I forgot to give her (and the thing was I could have dropped them off but when I checked in with my body, it said to have her come over) she comes over, talks with Jack- she needs to have some furniture repaired and his quote is much lower than others!

We deliver the heavy desk and other items to Goodwill, I head over to Jubilee Women's Center to drop off jewelry, shoes, clothes, toiletries for the amazing women there and get to meet one of the clients who hugs me, and we laugh and hug some more. (Seattle women friends- if you are doing clean outs of your closet Jubilee is a great place to donate your things!)
Then off to Karyn Schwartz at Sugarpill on Capitol Hill (please go there and support Karyn's magic, curation and beauty and buy some honey chipolte peanut butter!) where I ask if she will help me with a love caper. She agrees. So now she is handing out rose quartz crystals that I so didn't want sitting in storage, out to her customers. 

And now I am cozied up in my old living room which is temporarily serving as my bedroom/living room/writing area...feeling so calm and grounded after releasing so many more of my belongings. I have more to go. Tonight I am eating some soup, watching Maleficent and going to bed early. Thank you Universe! Thank you body for your genius intuition and thank you me for learning to listen and respect it more and more so life can be full of ease, grace, pleasure and magic. Some shots of the day....before and after..where the couch was is now my bed.