My sovereign self

On with reclaiming my wild. My sovereign self. Rejoicing in who I am and how I create my life. For so long I looked at the options presented to me as if they were the only ones...when there are so many more delicious and juicy and wild ways to live. I was complicit in keeping my wild at bay. Complicit in saying yes to only what I perceived to be possible.

Now I know I can create wild days anywhere at any time.

It's intention, surrender and knowing what turns me on. And how more and more that is being in my body. Yesterday I wanted to celebrate and my brain went to wine, chocolate, going out to dinner...

My body knew it was all about swimming in Lake Washington taking in views of Mt Rainier and guided me there. Now that felt like TRUE celebration of myself in that moment. Exactly what I needed and something that was so not on my check list of "ways to celebrate." Duly added and excited to discover more ways to live, celebrate and be that the universe and my body are hatching for me.

Here's to wild living everywhere.

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