For May Day: Creation, fertility, birthing your wild life.

May Day is on Friday! It's one of my favorite days of the year and this years it's Beltane as well (an Irish, Scottish, Celtic Celebration). May Day is all about creation, fertility and birthing. And it doesn't have to be a baby. I don't have children but I'm constantly giving birth, constantly creating my life, creating meals, moments...all of it is creation. 

So if we look at our lives as our creation. What is fertile for you right now? What do you yearn to birth? What is yearning to be birthed through you?  Is there resistance? Is it a book? A relationship? A new home? A trip? A hobby? 

Take some time to sit with this. Grab your journal and get in a quiet space- perhaps the park, a bath or your bedroom. Somewhere that feels spacious to you, where you feel grounded and centered. Where you can say a prayer, or just talk out loud and ask for guidance. Ask for wisdom to come to you. Check in with your body. What feels tense and might have something to share with you? Just let the words, images, feelings come. Let them move through you. And then ask yourself. What am I here to birth? What is my creation in this moment? What step can I take today? tomorrow? What is it time for me to let go of? What other wisdom do you have for me?

And as you emerge from this and keep on living, notice what comes your way. Maybe you see a sparrow in the park that keeps flying above you. Google 'sparrow animal totem.' and see what it says. Does it resonate with you?  Maybe you see a poster for a play that inexplicably calls to you and you go and see a friend you haven't seen in 10 years who is in the midst of opening an ice store but needs a partner...and you have so wanted to open an ice cream store! Pay attention to what comes your way with ease and grace. Make a note, say thank you and keep paying attention. This is how creation happens.

A lot us feel we have to know the plan from A-Z. Our patriarchal culture really celebrates and honors analytical, linear, rational thinking. But the feminine is cyclical (hence the moon cycles and celebration, seasons, May Day, Beltane) we celebrate and can thrive in mystery, in the unknown, in the following of our intuition. We thrive when things don't make sense and yet we trust. This is when our lives blossom. When we create space for US to emerge, in our timing and in our way. So honor what comes up for you. Maybe it's to take a nap everyday. Maybe this leads to you being more grounded in the evenings, so you don't watch as much tv, or are more connected to your partner, or have more energy to cook healthier meals. Who knows? We don't need to know. We need to trust.

This is step one in our May Day celebration, the next will come tomorrow and be more about clearing out the old in our external spaces. But for today, or perhaps on May Day itself spend time connecting with your inner world so you can birth the beautiful life YOU were meant to have. 

A Facebook find. Would love to know who created this.

A Facebook find. Would love to know who created this.