Keep offering your open wild heart to the world

Sometimes you offer your heart to the world

or someone in it

and it says 

no thank you, not that flavor, that texture


and that can hurt

and you can do it again, thinking...believing

well maybe I didn't use the right words, or 

have the right hair do

or be happy enough,

Let me try it this way.

No, no thank you.

Well, maybe I was too happy so I'll be more serious, more refined. That will work.

No, no.

And you learn, eventually, at some point maybe, and will forget and learn again. 

That your love is a sacred offering. The most beautiful gift you can give. And not all can receive.

And perhaps there is dissonance rather than resonance. It happens. Don't take it personally.

But do not close your heart. Please dear one, do not love less because of this.

Do not let your heart become calloused, tethered, wrapped in barbed wire.

Oh dear one, we need your love. So breathe. 

Practice Discernment.


Open your wild heart wider to the world and let the wild love flow.

Please. Because your love is our oxygen. Our delight. Our beauty. 

So please wild hearted one...keep sharing.

Keep your wild heart open to a world that may feel closed to you.

What does the world know?

Let your open wild heart be your guide.

Keep your wild heart open to the world

Keep your wild heart open to the world