Dancing towards magic and love

There's something really hard about letting go. It's like sugar. I know it's not the best thing for me, I'll go a few weeks without it then I'm right back in the dance with it. So today I just wanted you to know that I get the dance, I honor your dance. I honor the shifts we are trying to make, the truth we are doing our best to get back to, the hopes, the heartache, the unmet needs, the realization it will never be what you want, desire and yearn for and know is possible.

And, I get that in this muck there is SO much more. That when you turn around and you meet the witches, mermaids, unicorns, mystics, tribemates that have been tapping on your shoulder and wanting to play with you...that when you turn around and say yes, this world of magic and connection and truth opens up. Your heart softens towards all involved. There is gorgeous compassion, delicious forgiveness, long hugs. And not a word be spoken of it. There is a deep peace where there was unspeakable pain and conflict. 

So imagine me tapping on your shoulder, letting you know I am here to play. To create more wild and more love in the world. Look this way, come dance me. There is so much fun and magic to be had and the key is to dance with the people, the energies, the tribemates who get it. Who get you. Who celebrate you. This is the essence of reclaiming your wild. This dance back home, this dancing away from what you know, who you thought you had to be, to be loved. And to know you've been loved all along, in the perfect, divine essence you were created, in the exact way you were meant to dance on this earth.

You are the magic, the wild.

I see you. I love you.