Anne Frank's legacy

“I long to ride a bike, dance, whistle,

look at the world, feel young

and know that I’m free. ”

— Anne Frank, December 24th 1943

I toured the Anne Frank house the other day and was struck by her vitality, her love of life. She wanted to be a writer and change the world even as she spent her days in small rooms with black out shades and the fear of being captured.  And her diary has changed the world.  Her words, her truth, her heart has moved and educated millions all over the world. And she longed for freedom, for the simple pleasures in life: to be outside in fresh air, feel the sun on her face, and to ride her bike.

It’s a reminder that in our freedom we change the world. In following our pleasure, our hearts, our truth…this is truly how we create more love, more spaciousness for one another to show up, more connection, and more freedom. And as I engage in this world I believe this is what we need more than anything- to come together through words and actions of love and joy. Whether it's riding your bike and beaming, whistling a tune, dancing for your bodies pleasure. For Anne Frank, much of her freedom was expressed through her diary, this is where she could be free. My hope is that we are all able to express our essence in the world and truly feel free. To speak our truth, shed our tears, ask for what we want, create glitter wands, write plays, be a loving mom, give long hugs, to shower, drench, roll around in, hula hoop with our love...whatever form our expression of love is in the world. To feel free with it.

As Emma Thompson said in a speech at the Anne Frank House. “I think she would written books, I think she would have helped others, I think she would have loved generously and without prejudice. I think she would have had great courage and I think she would have spoken up for the dispossessed.  And I think she would have tried to storm the  invisible barriers that separate us and keep us in such conflict.

The only thing we have to remember is: all her would-haves are our real possibilities. All her would-haves are our opportunities. And the book's a flame, a torch, we can light our own candles and take them and illuminate our hearts with the incandescence of her spirit.”

How can you be more free? Share more of your wild heart with yourself, your loved ones, the world? What joyful acts of love can you do today? Fill yourself up and share your wild stunning heart with the world.

Be free.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank