Sometimes I need a really BIG sign...

Last year I heard about a dance workshop happening in Maui, Hawaii.  To me, it was very expensive and getting to and staying in Hawaii is no small expense either.  I remember when I heard about it my entire body lit up. It was such a yes...but as the weeks and months progressed I got into my head, listened to others who suggested I do something else and basically got into a complete mental tizzy about the whole thing and I didn't think I was worth it or the right thing to do to move my life forward.  It didn't make sense to my mind while my wild body was saying GO, GO, GO.

The date was approaching, as in two days approaching. I was visiting my cousin in Venice, California and got a call there was a spot open on the retreat, was I interested?  I still didn't know. Well, my mental body didn't know, it started listing off the reasons this was a wrong choice.  Who was I to go to Hawaii? The price? The time? How would I explain this latest wandering to my family? The mental litany went on and on. 

I remember saying out loud. "Okay Universe if you want me to go to this I need a really big sign."

About an hour later I was walking down Venice Boulevard, lost deep in my mental tizzy thoughts, going back and forth about Hawaii...not really paying attention to the stores, just making my way down the sidewalk when I stopped and looked up. And there, in all its 2 feet x 13 feet glory...a really big sign: 

'Maui, Hawaii.'

No joke. A store called Maui, Hawaii. I called the retreat director and signed up.

I realized the Universe really is conspiring for my greater good and knows far more than my brain, others opinions and conventional next steps.  The following week was life-changing.  I moved through years of shoved down grief, pain, sorrow and anger and welcomed in more space for love, joy and delight. I rocked it out with sacred parts of me I had never met.  I danced for an hour to traditional hawaiian drummers, met amazing women, learned thai massage, and I received a blessing from a Hawaiian priestess.  This is what I needed to move through some of the deep trauma my sweet body and soul was holding on to, that was exhausting me, that was preventing me from living my best life.  The universe knew it and brought it to me with ease.  

My work is to get out of my own way, to trust and completely surrender. Not so easy at times.

So, I hope you will also ask for help, that you will see/feel the signs -no matter what their size- and trust that the universe is always conspiring for our greatest good, for lives full of grace, beauty and aloha.


                         MAUI, HAWAII