Gentle. Please be gentle.

I'm getting ready to leave for Burning Man and yesterday I had a HUGE to do list. But I was tired. My body wanted to sleep, nap, stretch, bath, cry, putter, and go slow.  It wanted gentleness. My lovely brain likes to force and push and go and meet deadlines and keep us ON TASK. And it likes to try and understand why I am tired- therefore creating an excel like spreadsheet in my brain of "why am I tired? How can I control this. See cell 67 at it relates to Column B, cell 4..."  The excel spreadsheet becomes quite extensive until I say out loud. "I'm tired" and then my mind seems satisfied...for awhile. 

So after some resistance I put the to-do list down, went outside and laid on the grass, taking in the flowers, and the warm breeze. And I did all the above things which my body so wanted to do. Today I slowly finished packing, took a nap this afternoon and I just loaded my car in 20 minutes- nice and slowly. I used to try and carry as much as possible and would inevitably drop something, run into a door jam or stress my back. In other words. Cause myself pain. Not take good care of my body. So I am leaving 5 hours later than my brain desired and just on time for my gorgeous body. Just on time for the adventures that await me. 

I'll be offline while at Burning Man: seeking out radical self expression through dance, wearing fun costumes, napping and letting my body be my guide. Since there is no cell service there I'm looking forward to leaving the excel spreadsheets behind...will let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, where are you needing to slow down?  What is your body trying to tell you, create for you? A day of massage? A hike up a mountain?  Our bodies are constantly offering us up opportunities to take better care of ourselves, to love ourselves more take a minute to listen in and see how your day changes. 

With love,