Our broken hearts are our gift to the world

Our broken hearts are a gift.  This calloused piece of ourselves leads us to look in all sorts of dark places.  It leads us to learn to ask for help, to cry, to be transparent and vulnerable, to be courgeous and brave, to learn what we want and to ask for it.  It takes us to places that need love, and we learn to welcome them in, fall in love with the dark and the light and ourselves. So we can determine our values, our worth, our beliefs rather than allowing others to do so. Our broken hearts create fuel for a well-lived, well-loved life.  Our broken hearts create environmentalists, activitists, humanitarians, people who hug longer, listen better, recycle, protest, champion equal rights, create social movements, social workers, therapists, yoga teachers, nurtrionists, dancers, poets.  Our broken hearts create communion, if we are willing to share.  They crack us open so we can fall apart and become something far more human.  Broken hearts can create tenderness, compassion, caring, and empathy which is what so many of us are starving for.  The world is plenty full of wit, sarcasm, deflection, judgment, cynicism, data, science and rational thinking. 

Our hearts have a wisdom beyond words, beyond data and science.  Our hearts take us to the irrational, the sublime, the cyclical, the mystical.

They lead us away from the expected to something extraordinary. 

How has your broken heart opened up your life to love yourself and others more fully?  Perhaps today is a day to write out your gratitudes for your broken heart and all that gifts it has brought to you and the world.

Enjoy, savor and do a little dance as you welcome in the gifts for yourself and the world. Thanks for healing your heart.