Healing our hearts

It is with awe and humility that I witness people’s souls, hearts and bodies mend. That I can sit with them in that moment- wherever either of us are and just be together. As they take steps towards themselves, as I take a step towards myself.  Tenative, bold, investigative. Not knowing the next step, just knowing this was the place we were meant to be in this moment. Two strangers on a plane, a train, a restaurant counter, a park bench… talking about divorce, death, fear, heartache, boundaries. This is the life I lead. I love hearing people share their stories. it reminds me I’m not alone, not an overly sensitive freak who needs to get over it.  That I’m a human whose heart was broken and I needed to stop and feel it all and help it heal.  And that I am far from alone.

I love that I’m stepping towards me, the true me, the essence of me, the huge hearted me that has so much love to give and desires to do so without reservation or fear of having my heart broken. The me that now knows I can protect myself and practice discernment. My heart is whole, a little timid still but so ready to step out into the world and offer more of my love, more of my light, my joy radiating through the world regardless of where I am or what I am doing. 

What love can you give yourself today? Where can you step towards yourself- regardless of what your family, your work, yourself, your community thinks? You change the world when you come home to your beautiful wild self, you free us all.