Owning my Wild in NYC

This summer I was walking through Central Park enjoying the kids playing, walkers, joggers, bicyclists, rollerbladers, vendors...and I wanted to be in my body...I wanted to dance. So I followed my intuition and was guided to the area around West 78th with trees, magical hills of rocks, and benches and railings straight out of Lord of the Rings. Mystical. Ancient. Primitive. I found a flat rock surface, hit play on spotify and danced it out amongst the wild of Central Park. I felt a bit self conscious and then it melted away as I got more and more into my body.  And after days of walking all over the concrete and linear lines of NYC it felt so good to be in nature and move my body to the music. 

I wonder if we danced more, showed and embraced this wild, soulful side of ourselves to each other how the world would be different?  

If you're on Spotify you can check out my dancing playlists that help me get into my wild heart and body.  Enjoy and I hope you dance away...in your living room, in the middle of Central Park, or in aisle 6.  

happy dancing twinkle toes.