Spring is here!

Today is the Spring Equinox and it's a powerful day to set intentions for what you're desiring to birth and create in your own life.  Think of it as a day to reclaim parts of yourself, to release old energy and ideas that no longer serve you into the fertile soil so they are composted for the new.  I'm deleting old emails, letters, and notes having to do with a very painful situation that I am letting go of.  I'll print out a few and burn them- a wonderful letting go ritual.  Transmute all that dark energy into light.  No need to hold onto all those old writings that were written in a time of immense pain, confusion, and anger.  I'm letting go of those energies to create more joy, pleasure and love in my life which feels so powerful and juicy!  What can you release today? What do you desire to call in to your life? What new ideas, experiences, people, opportunities, feelings?  Take some time to walk in nature- each step release, release, release and then feel all that you are desiring and welcome it in. It's Spring, time for the flowers to blossom, for more more beauty, more color, more light not just in nature but in our lives as well. Enjoy!