Speaking out to create more freedom and reclamation

Today my volunteering for Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Experience Weekend continued as did my awe for women and this journey of reclamation. When asked how many women in the room had been sexually abused, harassed, verbally attacked almost everyone of the 950 women stood. It is a sobering and sad sight to see and yet we stood, we took each other in, we honored our sisters journeys- a woman who was raped by several men when a teenager during a robbery at her home. So many stories. So much grief and anger. 

And so we danced.

We held space as these women got into their bodies and moved through the grief, the anger, the rage, the indignation. 

I saw these women in their bodies sharing their stories, showing us the emotions. 

It is beyond powerful to witness such emotions. 

There are words which move too. 

But to bear witness to the impact of the attacks, the years of silence, or carrying shame, fear...

It is a sight to behold. 

And so we dance and hug and cry and scream so these emotions can at last be honored. 

I write this with humility to be able to hold space for all of this and with the prayer that as each of us speaks out and dances that we end this cycle of harassment, of abuse. 

Which means, well my prayer is, that so many girls and women after us will dance in joy. They will spend more of their life creating from wholeness, without the angst and the heartache and the need to gather in these groups to heal such pain. They will use their light, their intuition, their hearts to create more joy and love in the world, in their way.

And that is what is happening now- as we bring the darkness up to the light we alchemize it. We reclaim our true essence, our wild. 

So to the women today, I bow to your bravery, your courage. I bow to the women all over the world who are breaking their silence and speaking out and healing.

I bow, I bow, I bow.