Salsa Twirls- a reminder to ask for what you want

As my brain continues to heal there are more moments where I feel connected to me- the joyful, lovebug who loves to meet people and have new experiences. Tonight I went salsa dancing and my brain wanted to leave after just awhile- but I stayed. i stayed through the intro class where i learned the basics along with a few twirls. I was the lead even though I wanted to learn to follow. I want to learn how to let the man lead so I can relax and be guided on the dance floor. To feel that experience of surrender and trust and vulnerability. 

So the intro class ends and then it is open dance. The ratio is almost 2:1 women to men. So I sit for awhile, waiting to be asked to dance. No go. I am tempted to leave and give myself 10 minutes to sit and if no one asks me to dance then I will go. Meanwhile some new folks have joined in and boy can they dance! I love sitting there watching them. This older couple, twisting and turning and smiling and laughing. Magic. And I want to experience it- so I look for one of the better dancers and go ask him to dance. He lets me know I can relax as he twirls me and moves me all around the dance floor. 

This is fun. It's fun to feel sexy as I move my hips and let go to the music and John's lead. 

The song end and John and I part ways. Brain is ready to go, Kim wants to dance like that again. So I ask another man and again, he is twirling me around the floor. So fun. 

I'm so glad I stayed and got in my dances rather than just coming home because my brain wanted to. It was great to push myself and to feel alive! 

So here's to more universe, thank you so very much for the twirls tonight.