Today I danced

Today I danced. I haven't dance much in the past few months and today while walking along the shoreline in Seattle under a dreary grey sky I danced. I pressed Shuffle on my playlist. Kim's Magic Cauldron. Trying to connect to all the magic within me, all the wisdom I have to believe is still inside of me even though I feel so disconnected. So today I danced.

And there has been some joy- gifted guacamole, strolling through the Farmer's market in this cold, rainy day and getting to sample food, to connect with people, to get some joy going around me. Heading to Finding Vincent and amongst all of this healing up trying to find the gratitudes and continuing to understand as I munched on gluten free scone, the privilege I have in my life. I desire to use this privilege to heal up and create more joy and love. For me, my brain and the world.

I am grateful I danced. I am grateful for the memories and more than anything I want to keep dancing my way to wholeness, to thrivation, to deep, expansiveness, being silly, hugging strangers, taking in beauty, fearless writing and living.

More goodness and healing universe. More please.