The magic of NYC

Sometimes you chop off 6 inches of hair and freak out for a bit. You realize how much of your sensuality and your femininity and witchiness and mermaidness you've attached to your red curly locks. And then you stop freaking out and you fall in love with it. You feel a truer, deeper sensuality emerge. You start your time in NYC with a gratitude party and you buy yourself some new talismans for this new chapter. And then a friend walks in and we talk highlights. And then two days later, adorned in your talismans, you get some blonde highlights added and talk about showing up in the world with your true depth and richness. You talk about putting on tinder that you are looking for your man. you are looking to travel the world with him in service and love. you start seeing how you can play the game or play your game. And how your game is so much richer and deeper than the one being laid out for you.

And the next night, with your new highlights you are walking along the pier and see a sign for Burlesquerade and end up on a hornblower yacht cruise with hundreds of people dressed to the nines in burlesque and burning man costumes..and there you are in your black jeans, gray shirt, new talismans and luckily a Marlies Dekker bra that is off the charts hot. And you dance and dance. And you meet a man who is also not in costume and explore the ship and step over the off bounds chains and end up with epic views of the NYC skyline. Then you part ways as the music calls you in another direction (although he later stops by with a vodka/oj), and you are welcomed, hugged and people are delighted that you just joined in, which is the very essence of burning man. You also say your name is Vivienne...just for fun.

And so you dance for hours and then you need some air so you step outside and you hear the words "do you like ceremony?" and even though they weren't directed at you you say "YES! I'm a witch. I love ceremony/" and so you are gifted a token that represents Change (which feels beyond perfect) and you are asked three questions. What do you most desire? what is getting in the way? and what is one thing you can do to take a step towards this desire? and you quietly come up with your answers that feel like the most powerful elixir for your soul.

Then you start talking with the woman next to you who starts speaking of Beltane ceremonies in Atlanta, and a spoken word poem she just wrote about her yoni. And you feel like, this woman who is 15 years younger than you is speaking your language and you are speaking hers and it is the very thing you have most yearned for. Finding the people in this world who speak your language. Who you can share your witchy self with and they share theirs. And then vodka/oj man shows up now with silver glitter all over his face and you hug and say goodbye. And there is this magic and alchemy happening that is so powerful you freak out. Your brain gets glitchy with the goodness of it and instead of heading back to your hotel you walk the Highline, you head to the standard hotel and have a good cry in the bathroom stall, trying to understand all this newness and change and then you sit in the swanky lobby and put on some tunes and laugh with people, You get a cab home and your beautiful hotel restaurant that you had so desired feels so full and noisy that you head up to bed, eat a few bites of kale chips and fall into a sleep of intense dreams wondering what tomorrow will bring, will your brain be able to welcome in this newness, this goodness, all that universe is bringing you. Can you receive all that love? Can you surrender so completely that you can receive it with ease and grace?