Having faith and surrendering

Sometimes you wonder why you were guided to fly on Christmas and you have such a rich and full christmas eve with your parents, the last thing you want to do is leave the nest. But you do, because you've learned to have faith and surrender. So you unwrap some presents and then head to the airport, crying intensely as you hug them goodbye, you check in for your flight and then go cry some more in the bathroom because you feel so much love. And this dam that has been around your heart just burst open. And when the TSA people ask you how you are you tell them "weepy, emotional." and then you walk outside and go sit on the lawn, feeling the sun on your face and cry some more...and your heart softens some more. And then you breathe and feel so at peace. so deeply at peace. So you board your flight and sleep for awhile, then you read about the full moon today and it talks about how this moon is a reminder of the transformational power of love and that you can probably expect a good cry and to be extra sensitive.

you type some emails to your parents, thanking them and the tears start flowing again. And it's so much more..it's so about feeling this incredible power of love, of feeling so so loved and cared for. And you mention it to the woman next to you at the end of the flight, who has just watched 'Inside Out' for the first time and she shows you her kleenex from her good cry and how she saw the moon this morning and thought it so beautiful.

And as you stand to meet your tram to the next terminal, the woman next to you is wearing a Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' t-shirt and you mention it and discover she is from Peru and I tell her I feel like I'm going to be so close to Machu Piccu that even though its the rainy season I'll go...she tells you of pizza places, of a holy rock to touch, of how when you land in Cuzco people talk of feeling such an energetic shift. And I know she's an angel sent to guide me to one of my South American adventures. Thank you Maria. And then you head to the lounge to wait for your flight and are greeted with some hot soup which feels so nourishing. And you feel quiet, not your usual chatty self. Grateful for Rooibos tea and a comfy chair off the corner.

And then you feel the presence of a kind soul next to you so you ask if he is enjoying his soup and he says its yogurt. He saw a girl eating it and he had to have some it. And you start chatting and he mentions his husband in Japan. and you tell him how you love hearing him call him his husband. that this exists in our world. And you learn how they met in the military and he is stationed in Japan for another tour, while yogurt man is now in Georgia to save money for the baby they are going to have in 2017 via a surrogate friend. And you talk of travels, and long distant relationships and how he loves leaving america because every time he does - he feels less stress. That life on the east coast feels too intense. We speak of the need for more touch, more caring, more patience. We speak of the important of intimacy, of sharing the small every day moments. We speak of life, love. He shows me a photo of his man and of his trip to the stunningly beautiful death valley. He gets up to leave and we hug, him wishing me safe travels and its a long hug. A good hug. And you understand why you are traveling today. So you can cry and cry and be still and quiet and still get long hugs and feel your wild heart open even more...

exactly what this day is about. Love. Love. Love. in so many forms.