If I'm just visiting Earth for a few years, what would I do?

During my morning meditation a thread from yesterday's outing popped up again. "What if I am just visiting Earth for say 90 years..what would I do? How would I treat myself? What would I create for myself?" And these feelings flooded me, feelings that I would surround myself with kindness, gentleness, joy, beauty, new experiences, intimacy, being in my body- being held, caressed. I would use my body to travel the world, my senses to breathe it in, taste the flavors of the world, hear music/language of the world, see the sights, the people, the colors, the textures and touch- the trees, the water, the mountains, humans, cuddle with puppies and babies. 
I would nourish this magical body with foods and water that invigorated it so I could feel strong, vital and relaxed. 
I would have epic forgiveness, epic boundaries
I would ask those men out I haven't, kiss the ones I wanted to. Some women too. why the hell not those luscious creatures!
I would spend less time making photo albums and more time creating new, living new. 
I would spend less time sifting through/organizing my past and be present to what is. 
I would call in more love than I could possibly imagine. 
I would watch so much less TV and live more of my own life.
And the beauty is- all of these things are happening and this morning was another round of upleveling how I choose to create and live my life. A reminder that I have a choice. That while these cultural norms have been presented to me - I can choose to say no. No thank you Spanx, I'm going to allow my curves to show, No thank you hours spent in isolation in my apartment, I'm going to walk the world. No thank you abuse, bullying and intolerance- I choose Love, respect and kindness. NO thank you judgment and shame, I choose self-respect and self-worth. No thank you sarcasm, passive aggressive communication, silence I choose vulnerability and authenticity. No thank you data/analysis, I choose my heart and my wisdom. No thank you processed foods, I chose foods from mother earth. No thank you constricting clothes and shoes that hurt my feet, I choose pleasure and embodiment. No thank you dating rules, I choose play, kissing booths and showing up. No thank you propriety, I choose to ask the contractor to zip up the back of my dress and tell people they have food in their teeth. No thank you treating mother earth like something that is only here to serve us, when we are here to serve and honor mother earth. No thank you to diets when my body is telling me how to nourish it and honor it.
Yes to living boldly, lusciously, deliciously, engaging my senses, my sex, my wisdom. Yes to living in turn on, drenched in beauty, joy, playfulness, wildness and communion. Yes to cannon balling into this thing called life. Yes to flirting my ass off with the hottie Chris Messina Look-a-like guide at the grand canyon. Yes to taking the kissing booth from burning man out into the world. Yes to dancing in the world. Yes to heels that I can dance in. Yes to clothes that make me want to melt into another. Yes to flow and working for the divine. Yes. Yes. Yes. As Marvin Gaye would say "Let's get it on."