Do it your way. Have fun!

What an intense and beautiful few days it's been. From releasing so many of my possessions on Friday- to surrendering to the universe and getting dressed up and celebrating rather than keep packing on Saturday night, water time with Jeana, Therese, Tim and the triplets and views of Mt Rainier. Sisterhood time Sunday night for the full moon and more goodbye's, saying Goodbye and thank you to Discovery Park where I would go dance at the waterfront, surrounded by uprooted trees, eagles, reveling in sliding down those sand trails one last time and coming upon the largest tree all it's roots exposed - in surrender to mother nature which is exactly how I feel in this moment. A few art shots of my head scans from the concussion (notice the trees in the background- so fancy) Saying goodbye and thank you today to Lil Si. My yearning for Scotland so intense and conjuring a hike that felt like time spent in this ancient land along with lots of hilarity pretending I was Claire looking for the stones because dammit I just needed to LAUGH at it all. To reaching the summit of Si this afternoon, taking my shoes off, shaking my hair out and feeling wild and at peace after so much change. To this sense of who the fuck cares who I am and what I do, just do it Kim. You are only visiting this planet for a short time. Do it your way. Have fun. Be in this body and let this soul out! To walking back and seeing this heart shaped leaf, feeling the grace of the divine with me, the grace and love that has led me to this moment of releasing more. More that is not me so I can be here in my wild. In joy, in playfulness, in beauty, in deep laughter, sensuality, play, giggles, tears, sun on my face, feeling the wind, embodied, inhabiting this beautiful body I'm in so I can roam this earth and experience the magic, fire and love that is here for us.