Clearing out the old to make space for our WILD!

Can you feel the shift as we enter June? The energy is picking up, the world is calling us out of our cocoons of May and such deep internal work. Now is the time to shed the old- to release all that does not bring you joy, that does not enhance your WILDNESS!!! For example, my book shelf feels more like a burden of shoulds than turning me on. Same with my cookbooks. I realized I'm a person that thrives with less! So I now have ONE cookbook on my shelf. I never used them when there were 30. I'm going to keep 5-10 books in my apartment: read and release. Will keep some in storage but really I am doing a HUGE purge to release the hold. Even my 16 candles DVD is on the way out!!

I went to a book store and read some of 'the life changing magic of tidying up'…/…/1607747308

which reminded me that this life is about JOY. 

My key words are WILD LOVE and if the things in my house do not feel this way, do not light up my very can I be lit up? Clothes, jewelry, books, kitchen items. I've been on the verge of leaving Seattle a few times so I keep thinking I'll wait. NO MORE WAITING! NO MORE BEING PRACTICAL and the good girl. Let the old go, create space for the new and enjoy that feeling of donating to shelters, to having an organization come pick it up or using the Buy Nothing community on Facebook. It doesn't light you up, connect you to your wild? your true essence? Bring you peace? Bye-bye!