Hey friends!   

Part of reclaiming your wild heart, is reclaiming your space and how your spend your time.

We spend a lot of time accumulating stuff and it seems that more and more of my friends and I are spending our weekends and evenings getting rid of what we've been accumulating. Books we read or keep saying we're going to read but it hasn't happened in 5 years, scarves, knick knacks that we don't look at, cookbooks we don't use, sweaters we haven't worn, kids toys that are collecting dust, shoes whose soles were done a few years back…you get the idea.

I wanted to share some tips which helped me de-clutter my inner and outer life - which has allowed space for more down time, books that intrigue me, and the few sweaters that make me swoon along with feeling more calm, more centered and having my surroundings being cleaner and not surrounded with to-dos.

1.  Pick a charity or two or three to donate your items to. This helps motivate you, as you are holding on to a frame you've sworn for four years you're going to put in a picture. Try and deliver the goods the same day you clean. It's a rapturous feeling to have the pile gone! You get a tax donation, folks get new or gently used stuff and you have more room for the things that really turn you on.

2. Ask for help. Have a friend you want to spend some time with and who digs this stuff come over. Put on some music and got for it. I recently spent a day with a friend and in 6 hours (while listening to her fabulous 80's90's playlist) we had cleaned out and organized her entire garage, taken a carload of items to Goodwill, had a few dance breaks, bought new containers to replace the cardboard boxes the mice had gotten into and to containerize her shelves so things were more accessible, attractive and organized.  Maybe it's your closet? your kitchen? Ask for help and make it fun!

3. Quit getting so much junk mail and unwanted catalogs:  I realized how much time I spent flipping through catalogs for stuff I didn't want/need. It created a pile of an unnecessary to-do's and wasted time and paper. Download PaperKarma and snap the back of the catalog, they do the rest! Enjoy receiving so little mail and doing a favor for the earth.

4. Have the conversations that keep swirling around in your mind. Need to say something to a friend/relative about hurt feelings?  Ask your boss for a raise?  Set a boundary with someone in your life? Ask for help?  We spend a lot of our precious life force energy talking to ourselves. Choose one conversation to have and see how it feels once you've done it. Do you feel more brave? more relaxed? Keep going. This is a huge one for creating more space for the new and keeping energy flowing. 

Would love to hear how these tips work for you. How you feel as your simply your life and create room for the luscious, invigorating, and new energy which infuses your life.