Creating more love and kindness in the world starts with us

October is Domestic Violence Month- a cause near and dear to my body, heart and soul. I think Domestic Violence takes so many forms. It is not always a hit, it is not always a spouse. More often than not it is verbal, it is emotional. It comes from someone who doesn't know how to handle their emotions and spurts them out on you.

Abuse = less than nourishing.

So I ask all of you to think about this. Is there anywhere in my life that I am allowing less than nourishing behavior? work? family? myself? I discovered that at times I was perpetuating less than nourishing behavior towards myself- my thoughts and actions towards my body, my soul, my heart. Diminishing my worth and my beauty.

So take a moment- get quiet and feel your way through this.

Where can you nourish yourself more? 
What relationships need to shift or end?  What truth needs to be told?

How can you help create more love in the world- so there is more gentleness, softness and acceptance? 

Now is the time. No more adapting to rage, abuse, judgment, violence and intolerance within or without.