The Voice

I was watching The Voice tonight and I thought, ‘who would I want sitting in those chairs.  What would I be performing/doing to get them to turn for me?’ and say…

“I want you on my TEAM!! I see this spark in you, I hear/feel your passion. I want to help you get closer to who you really are. I want to coach you so you can share your gifts with the world!!”

Here’s who I’d LOVE to be sitting in those chairs – wishing there was six but I’m  sticking with four- although one chair has two women!

Eve Ensler, activist, writer

Sheila Kelley, creatrix of S-Factor, actress

Anne LaMott, writer

Marianne Williamson/Elizabeth Lesser: writers, activites, humanitarians, Elizabeth is the founder of the Omega Institute 

I would want to learn from Eve about her activism, her world view, her vision for the world and to be a part of raising awareness/ending violence towards women around the world. I would want to dance with her on VDay, travel with her around the word, seeing, honoring women and sharing their stories and their spirit.  How do you create the global campaigns? Distribute the funds? Create community while traveling the world?  To me, she is one of the most incredible women alive right now. Her books are grace, genius and heart. And her bravery in telling her story moves me deeply and inspires me.

Sheila would see that one of my divine forms of communication is dance. She would rave about how she wanted to get her hands on my body and loosen it up, get me back into living in my body, being in body bliss. Getting me connected to all the power, wisdom and truth that is in my body. She would talk about the music that resonated with me, about how she saw all that was bottled up inside ready to come out and be expressed and the way to do that was through dance.   There would be opportunities to share my dance with the world, to express all that I feel so deeply in my body, my soul and having a place to express it.  Sheila is all about sensuality too. So good. So much to learn!

Marianne Williamson/Elizabeth Lesser: These two women are all about heart and LOVE. To learn about this, to be in their presence, to see how they walk through the world, how they see the world, to be in the conversations these women are having. Their luminaries, the possibilities of what is. To have my compassionate, open-heart seen by these women and nurtured, expanded upon and have an outlet for- wow. I can’t even imagine this.

Oh Anne LaMott- how you make me laugh, ease my worry and tell it like it is!  I am in the midst of writing…trying to write my story, my soul story. Sharing my life to help others.  To be vulnerable, honest and human. Being a groomed good girl I can get caught up in perfectionism, mask wearing and patriarchal shoulds.  I feel that in my writing sometimes.  With Anne’s coaching I can imagine busting through that. Getting her help for me to write from my soul, my heart rather than my culturally trained head. I think she would break me open and get stories, feelings, connections that I’m not even aware of- I think it would be a time of rich discovery and a greater variety of words to share.  She would push me to dig deeper, to share more, and to be totally human and flawed in the process. Amazing.  And if we got to go to her church – incredible!

I’d like Amma to be offstage ready to give me a big hug before and after! And Ellen DeGeneres would be the MC.  Fun, gregarious, kind, loving and so excited to help these dreams come true.  Rooting with my tribe in the viewing room offstage. And yes, I would probably cry during the pre-taped interview segment.


Who would you want in those chairs?

Whose energy, time and coaching would get you to be on stage hoping they would press that button and say “I see you. I want you.”