I've been thinking about and researching permission quite a bit lately. Permission to nap, permission to end a sentence in 'to', permission to love, permission to be perfectly-imperfect, permission to be sensitive, emotional, nurturing.

I like it.

Giving myself permission keeps me out of the trap of perfectionism, shoulds, and the tiny box of appropriate I was trying to live in for oh-so-very long which sapped my energy, fried my adrenals and was also pretty limiting, not to mention boring.  I was an expert at judgment. Permission led to compassion, which led to honesty and authenticity. It led to singing on ski slopes, dancing in restaurants, riding on the back of a scooter through Rome at 1am, and lots of lots of pleasurable naps enjoyed with relish.  It was and is the road to acceptance, gentleness, expansion and frankly, a lot more fun.

When I created my original profile on Linked In I  gave myself the title of Chief Permission Giver and Pleasure Revolutionary for my 'company.'    Be your own Chief/High Priestess of Permission. What permission will you research today?  What are you doing/thinking out of a sense of appropriateness?   Research giving yourself permission to be exactly who you are.  Have fun and keep me posted on your adventures!