Back to my Heart, Back to our Hearts

Its been a long time since I’ve written on this blog- there’s been so much learning, shifting, healing, expansion, constriction, resistance in the past few years- I needed some time for me. Some time to sit with all of it and let it compost, let it sink into my bones, my cells and become a greater, truer part of me before or even if, I shared with you all. I needed to worry less about proving the worth of my journey and simply be on this windy path…for me.  And that took a while. To know that doing all of this work, this deep intense soul searching and reclamation- regardless if I ever wrote a book, a blog entry, spoke at events, shared it with anyone-  to know that I was worthy of going down this path for my happiness, for my sanity, for my joy, for my truth, for my voice, for me.  It’s a journey I see more and more people undertaking in a myriad of ways- whether it be therapy, travel, yoga, retreats, reading, more quiet time… there is a restlessness I see, a discontent - where consumption is not filling the void, the discomfort with self, with inauthenticity.  I see it as more of my friends and acquaintances hang up their shingles as therapists, coaches, healers, yoga teachers, dance teachers and who create thriving businesses. I see the call back to the body and out of our head and ego.  I see and meet so many more people on this path- needing to be witnessed, seen and honored.  That was missing for me in many ways on my journey. I wasn’t able to witness and honor myself many times. Instead I beat myself up, made myself wrong…again and again and again and that is where so much of my pain was birthed.  Me resisting who I was, resisting this circuitous, path, this unique path.  Me believing the patriarchy, family and culture was right- believing more in them than myself. Wanting to just be done with it so I could finally fit in.  I came to learn that fitting in still didn’t mean the peace I longed for. I missed my 20th high school reunion, friends birthdays, baby showers…I had to stray off the path to find my path. So here I am- sharing for those who are drawn, who perhaps need some love, some witnessing, some resources.  I desire to create a safe place for you to visit as you wind your way through your circuitous path. The powerful and in some ways easy thing is, it always leads back to yourself, it leads back to your heart, your truth and your wisdom.  The external reference points become less and less meaningful and the freedom is greater. And not that I have answers for you, but perhaps I have some wisdom gained along my journey that can gently guide you back to you- that can support you in less judgment, less shame, more love, more joy, more connection.  Which I believe is truly a beautiful world. Come join me in getting back to our hearts. Sign up below for my sharings and offerings.


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