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Hello lovely people...it's been awhile and I discovered my RSS feed was turned off along with me spending a lot more time writing and sharing on Facebook. I am working on creating some systems so all of this flows with greater ease and I can get more of me in the world though my words and videos...so things are happening! testing here and will see if this goes out in the morning. I am sending you all love, flip flop wearing freedom, delicious wild hearted living that is shaking the world up so more and more of us is in the world. It is so time, don't you think? and let me know how your life is changing..have you bought the camper you dreamed of? Ditched the suits and only wear long skirts? Found that job you love only wear amazing suits that turn you on? Here's to us changing the world and sinking into our hearts more and more. Into softness and kindness that radiates through the world and makes it a truly welcoming place to live for all. Along with lots of ukulele playing, lots of play and joy. Because my belief is that what it is truly all about. I send you love as you create this for yourself, in your way, in your place. Love to you. K

Creating more love for all on Valentine's Day

Some ideas for new ways of loving each other up on Valentine’s day to inspire people to gather, share and create love. You can post this and share it if you like the idea. What a gift, to create more love for all, especially now.

Valentine’s Day is for Everyone…it is a day of love. Let’s create the love we all desire in the world, in the way we truly want to give and receive. Let’s move beyond red roses and chocolate and choose real love, create real love…this changes the world for all of us. Everyday. 

What do you really desire if you could ask for one act of love or a way to receive love on this day.  Would it really be red roses? Maybe you love tulips, or would prefer to go for a walk at the beach, or a gift certificate for an experience you've been wanting to try out...trapeze? ukulele? quilting supplies? a babysitter so you can spend a day napping on the grass? 

Turn off the lights, light some candles and give each foot rubs, talk about your dreams.  You can do this with yours kids too. Slow down and enjoy one another. 

In your workplace, family, neighborhood, schools, women's circle, basketball team, family, yoga class...

Connect with a domestic shelter, a homeless shelter and shower these people with love. What do they have on their wish list? Maybe gift cards for things the shelters need to offer more beauty, more comfort to the people who live there. Or perhaps you have those things in your home and aren't using them?

Go through your closets and donate clothes, shoes, scarves, jewelery, jackets, toiletries (how many of us have copious amounts of soaps and lotions?).  

Maybe you make some handmade Valentine's with your kids, your co-workers, your basketball team..and deliver it to a hospice, a hospital, a senior citizen center, a veterans organization. Cards, a hug, a laugh, playing a game with them, sharing stories, listening, holding their hand. Spend time with people enjoying one another.

Instead of buying things, use that incredible imagination of yours and see what comes up. for yourself, for your partner, your kids, anyone you want to share love with.

Use the red rose money to gift to your favorite cause/charity.

Take some time this weekend to think of people who have brought love into your life. Write them a note, an email and let them know how much their love has meant to you. Imagine receiving a letter like this, what a gift to give. 

Love to bake? Make some high quality cacao balls (think no white sugar/white flour). Google and pinterest are your friends here. Hand them out on the bus, at work, at school...spread the heart healing medicine of cacao and things made with love. It matters and your body will love you for it too.

Really use this day of love to create more in the world and to start thinking about creating it more and more everyday. There are infinite possibilities and what an exciting thing to spend time creating.

Big love to you all as you add your own magic to this, to love and make our world a kinder, more generous, loving place to be. 

Create holidays that nourish you...

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday: gathering with friends and family to celebrate our blessings, to enjoy one another and delicious food (please let the food be truly delicious and not lukewarm).  My mom's stuffing recipe is one of my favorite dishes on earth, I look forward to it every year.  
    A few years ago I was home in Seattle for Thanksgiving.  This particular year had been a tough one. I'd gone through some huge ruptures in my life, ended a very toxic relationship with a family member and my body was releasing all the stress/sadness/fear I'd been holding onto since I was a little girl. Because I set such a firm boundary, because I finally protected myself, my system was trusting me and at long last my body could finally truly relax and release.  I had bronchitis for six weeks (in chinese medicine the lungs are grief...and boy did I have a lot of grief to move through). So when Thanksgiving rolled around I planned on seeing how felt. I had a number of wonderful invitations to join friends around their festive and loving tables.  Did I want to be around people? What felt best for my body and soul?  
    So here we are Thanksgiving day and I just kept staying in bed.
I slept and slept and read historical romance fiction and slept some more. I meditated. I slept. There may or may not have been a shower. I was delighted, ecstatic, giggly. I shuffled to the kitchen to grab a Kind bar at one point to ease the hunger. In the early evening I emerged from my bedroom in total joy and calm. I popped open my laptop and found some new healthier versions of cakes, cookies, bread recipes because when I am happy and full of love I bake and create sweetness and then share it with others. At one point I spilled my glass of red wine on my laptop and fried it. Shit. I freaked out a bit and searched on my phone "red wine on keyboard" followed the steps I found, set it aside and then kept baking using my phone for recipes. 
     I was in such joy and flow it didn't derail me and I baked until 3am.
    I don't remember all the details of how I spent that day but I remember this. It felt divine. Perfect. There was no other place I wanted to be. And I was utterly, delightfully at peace with it.  It was exactly what my body and soul needed and by getting in approval with that I had a totally joy-filled day. 
    So follow your pleasure, follow your truth, reclaim your wild and do Thanksgiving, the holidays, your birthday, every day your way. In doing so you set more and more people free to follow their own pleasure which creates more true joy and connection in our world...and that is something to be truly grateful for. 
    What can you do this holiday season to be in your pleasure? To honor your truth? Say no to travel? Head somewhere warm? Homemade gifts? No holiday cards? Stay inside all day binge watching Jane Austen movies? 
    Only you know what is best for you.

I chose this photo because I remember how nourishing it was to make this in a cooking class I took in Valpariso, Chile. Pastel de Choclo (Chilean Corn pie). Comfort food all the way and so so delicious!

I chose this photo because I remember how nourishing it was to make this in a cooking class I took in Valpariso, Chile. Pastel de Choclo (Chilean Corn pie). Comfort food all the way and so so delicious!

Creating with our Wild. The world needs us. We need us.

Hello Sisters
It's creation time! Can you feel it, that call we are hearing- to create what we are here to create, a baby, a cake that you share with neighbours as a way of introduction, setting up a hot cocoa stand to raise money for an art class you want to take, a danceathon to raise money for Standing Rock, making quilts for women receiving chemo so they are wrapped up in sisterhood and love, a movement, to share our wisdom, our truth and our wild hearts with the world? What is calling you right now? Is it writing, it is having friends over to circle together and watch a movie or read a book together, is it wanting to create a garden..

there are infinite possibilities for this moment. 

Let's use this moment of fire, of awakening to create the world we want to live.

Rather than reacting to the world around us and how it was presented to us.

We get to create our lives. That is the essence of reclaiming our wild. How do our days flow and feel- who is in them, how do we travel from one place to another, what is in our home (books, cleaning supplies, clothes) What new is calling to us, what needs to be released to create space for the new. Now is the time for alchemy, now is the time to let go, to unleash, to be so breathtakingly honest with yourself. WHAT DO YOU YEARN FOR? Those yearnings are so possible to be met, let's quit pushing them aside and instead use them to create. 

So today- connect to your yearning, your desires, your dreams ..perhaps you have felt them all along and they got buried in the day to day or a belief you couldn't receive them or create them/ I am here to hold space for and to be a mirror that you are worth having your yearning met. For love, community, sisterhood, hot pants, roller skates, a month in Hawaii...whatever the yearning is that comes from that deepest part of you- your wild essence.

Now is the time to connect to your wild and create. 

This is what this time is about- western women rising to change the world. No more reaction, no more adaptation. 

Create. Create. Create.